pc building parts checklist

list of pc parts needed to build a desktop pc

Building your own PC can be a lot of fun. Honestly, I'd recommend you have someone help you who already has experience in building their own, that is, if you're new to building.

This list always ends up outdated shortly after published, but the basics usually remain the same. It's crazy to think the first version of this list required you to buy a USB2 card completely separately, I don't recall USB2 being offered on board almost any motherboard at that time.

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There's an extra cost for a PC you need to think about, and that's buying an operating system software license. Mac OS X only works on Mac hardware, so that's out, so your two main choices are using Linux (free) or buying Microsoft Windows (7, 8.1, or 10). It's an extra cost to consider, and sometimes it doesn't make sense to build a PC if you're only going to use it for non-demanding tasks. (You can find some fairly nice Windows 10 tablets that can do the basics, without having to buy your own separate copy of Windows).

To learn how to assemble the pc parts, you can read Guides to Building Your Own Computer

I encourage you to review some of my recommended PC building guides, subscribing to Maximum PC might be helpful, and I wish you luck! Plus, feel free to hand down your old PC to family or friends!

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This page is an update to an original parts list. Click Here to View the Original Parts Checklist. Read about my story Angel, Unassigned and my game PreventTheTrace*.

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