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list of pc parts needed to build a desktop pc

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This list is a general overview with abbreviated descriptions of the parts typically necessary to build your own desktop computer system. I encourage you to spend some time researching each individual item you are curious about--just take this page as a general list.

January 2020: Windows 7 will stop receiving security updates this month. I'm planning to make a page of articles and resources about how to deal with this situation. I cannot recommend building a Windows 7 PC now, so I will be fine-tuning the descriptions pages in the coming weeks so that they can at least meet the minimum specifications for a Windows 10 PC.

May 2019: More links added to the new section I'm developing: Building or Upgrading a PC for Windows 10

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PC Parts List Site Sections

As noted, I've included two additional webpages describing the components you'll need to build your PC.
Click here for the first page of descriptions, and click here for the second page of descriptions.

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check list of pc parts needed to build a computer

Click here to learn about the set of parts below (descriptions)
  • _ ATX tower (or mid-tower) case
  • _ Power Supply
  • _ CPU
  • _ ATX Motherboard
  • _ RAM / Memory
  • _ Graphics/video card
  • _ Cooling / Fans
  • _ Storage (see list part2)

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Click here to learn about the set of parts below (descriptions)

  • _ Sound card
  • _ SSD - Solid State Drive or Hard drive(s)
  • _ Speakers
  • _ Screen (LCD / LED)
  • _ Keyboard
  • _ Mouse
  • _ optical drive (DVD burner or Blu-ray)
  • _ Surge Protector
  • _ Network Interface Card
  • _ Wi-Fi
  • _ USB card
  • _ Operating System software
  • _ Modem (optional)
  • _ Printer (optional)
  • _ Scanner (optional)
  • _ Webcam (optional)

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To learn how to assemble the pc parts, you can read Guides to Building Your Own Computer

View Descriptions of Parts on: Page 2 / Page 3

The Parts Checklist Descriptions are found on page 2 and page 3.

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This page is an update to an original parts list. Click Here to View the Original Parts Checklist.

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