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A paper town is a term for a town that was made up by a map company to prove that a different map company stole their copyrighted map data. I jokingly use a town that never existed beyond a sign that said the wrong name. It's not a "paper town" perse, but it's funny none-the-less.

Example: Epharta, PA, location of a university for a game: Main Campus of The Stellethee University since 1993.

Epharta Pennsylvania Polo Shirt for fictional The Stellethee 

Epharta's location was revealed through the first and only exit sign, briefly in 2013. See below for historic Exit Sign photos.

Several shots of the Epharta exit sign.

True History Photos of Ephrata for Tourists.

Epharta received digital paper town status in 2020.

This page is part of the Stellethee Group's Merchandizing IP, and is completely fictional.

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