JQuery Quick Course
JQuery Quick Course: JQuery Basics Tutorial for the JQuery Beginner

About this JQuery Tutorial - What do I need to know to learn JQuery?

You need to know the basics of HTML ( They HyperText Markup Language ) and CSS ( Cascading Style Sheets ). You don't need to know much JavaScript to start this course, but once you start doing serious JQuery, you're going to have to learn a bit of JavaScript.

What can JQuery do? Can I have a quick JQuery Demo?

JQuery makes writing JavaScript easier and faster. It lets you do all sorts of awesome effects, in addition to so many other things. Let me start with a simple JQuery example. Here's a button. What will it do? As long as you have JavaScript enabled in your web browser (which most people do), clicking this button will make this header and paragraph disappear. Click it.

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